Morning Coffee 12/1/10‏

Vesre of the Day

So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.
Acts 24:16

I am not sure about you but it is difficult for me to function daily if I don’t have a clear conscience. I believe that if you don’t free your mind then you are just carrying around a lot of extra baggage that you don’t need and all it does is weigh you down.

Your conscience is connected to your high moral character and really the God in you. It tells you what He expects of you and it helps to keep you in line with His will. It is the eye that looks out either towards God or towards what it regrads as the highest, so your conscience records differently in different people. If I am in tune with God then my conscience will always introduce God’s perfect will and indicate what I should do. The question here is will I obey and will you obey in the same situation.

We all have to make a great effort to keep our conscience so sensitive that we walk without offense. We should all awlays be so in tune with God that we are always seeking to fulfill that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God by the renewing of our minds daily. In other words we have to get in the habit of always having a good conscience. God pours into us daily so we have more than enough to stay in line with His will. It all comes down to us choosing to obey when He puts that choice before us.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

Morning Coffee 11/30/10‏

Thank God for you all. As a result of your continued support and my commitment to the Lord, today is the last entry for the book. Praise God I am finished. I will keep you posted on the progress up to the release of the book. Keep praying and God Bless you.

Verse of the Day

We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. Romans 6:4

We often hear that we must close one chapter before we can move on to another one. It is always good to have some closure to whatever you are moving from because it allows you to clearly move on without anything holding you back. It is also our experience that sometimes specifically in relationships we don’t always close chapters before we try to move on to a new one. From personal experience life as we know it becomes so much more difficult when we do this. It is more difficult focus on what’s new in your life because you are still dealing with the past and it is truly hard to fully commit when part of you is still in the past. The best example I can give to something being final is a funeral. Once the casket closes, the body is committed, it is lowered and the dirt is dropped, that chapter is closed.

Here Paul is helping us understand salvation, baptism and painting a picture of what dying to sin really looks like. When we go through baptism it is symbolic of what should have already happen in your heart. Just as Jesus Christ was buried and raised to new life we also have to participate in that burial. We are not buried in a physical sense but in our heart and mind we have to die to sin so that we can be raised to walk in new life with Jesus Christ. So we have to bury our sins and the past the caused us to sin in order to fully commit to a new life lived through and by the power of the Holy Spirit. So the water baptism is considered a watery grave.

It is going to be very difficult to walk in the newness of Jesus Christ if we are still holding on to the past. If you bless the past it will set you free, free to live as God has intended you to live. There comes a time in everyone’s life that a decision to move on from the past has to happen so that you can fully give yourself away to God’s purpose in your life. For me it took a few life threatening situations to get my attention and ultimately make a decision that enough was enough. I didn’t realize that I needed to have a funeral for my past and my sins in order to bring some closure to that part of my life. If I had been in tune with God I would have made it a big ceremony but instead it was a quiet intimate closed casket ceremony because I didn’t want to see or deal with the past anymore and didn’t want anyone else exposed to it either.

The spark for me to have this closure was realizing the will of God for my life. When I realized His will and accepted it, I entered my period of sanctification naturally and without any set backs. Are you willing to make the arrangements for your sins? Have you arrived at that moment in your life where you realize that if you keep doing what you are doing expecting a different result you are going to go insane? Have you thought about the fact that God can’t bless you with this new thing for your life until you open your hands let the past go? God can’t put something new in your hands if they are full of your past because you are still holding on. Make today your day of Declaration, trade in your old life for the one that God really has in store for you and never look back. Like Kirk Franklin you have to declare today that “This Is It!!”

The choice is yours and time is not on your side. It is time to do the committal for your past, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

Morning Coffee 11/29/10‏

Verse of the Day

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. Luke 10:19

As a little boy growing up in the projects I saw a lot of things. Being exposed to that type of environment causes you to grow up fast and it also puts you in a position to get tough so that you can protect yourself. I was always the smallest guy so all of my friends would always want to wrestle or pick on me. For us it was like a neighborhood code where the older boys would rough of the younger ones to make them tough in case somebody out side of our neighborhood would bother us. So at a young age I felt empowered to deal with any body that was against me.

As you can imagine living in the projects wasn’t always the cleanest place to live because there were so many people living so close to you. No matter how much you clean your house some critter from someone else’s house would always find its way to you. For me being young I always saw those critters as a threat to our environment so I would always get pleasure in stomping on the enemy. I remember running into a snake one day though in country and the situation was a little different. It was in the chicken shed and my grandfather grabbed a garden tool and killed the snake. From that day forward I felt like if I ran into the situation again I now knew what to do to protect myself.

In this text God is given us authority over our enemy, in other words He is saying that he has empowered us to be victorious over our enemy. The author uses the snake and scorpion in his example because these two creatures are a true threat to anybody given the circumstances. One bite from the snake or getting stung by the scorpion has a high probability to end your life. So the author says that God has given us authority to trample or tread on the snake and scorpion which means God will preserve us from that danger. Kind of like Daniel in the Lions den, those lions were a very present threat to Daniel but God preserved him and protected him in that situation.

So here God is saying the those malicious people we run into who are a threat to our lives He will protect us from them and not only that He will always give us power to over come satan. God will empower us to be victorious over all of the enemy’s power and schemes showing that He has divine power and affirming for us that we don’t have to fear our enemy. Just like when I was younger growing up in the projects was no longer a fearful thing because I felt empowered and seeing my grandfather conquer the snake I no longer had doubt if I could do it or not. I realize now that the only people who feared the projects were those who never lived there. Just like the older guys in the hood protected me and empowered me God has done the same for all of us but on a much larger scale.

No one can make a promise that nothing will harm you but God and He can back it up. Here is another reason why we should trust God in all we do because His guarantee is one that you can be sure of.
God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.