The Morning Coffee

“Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul. Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.” 1 Peter 2:11-12

It is amazing what we can learn from our children. I take the time to observe my children all of the time just to make sure that there is no strange behavior being adopted by the children they are around daily. Another reason I observe them is to make sure that they are not developing self-esteem issues or any other bad habits. My youngest son is so much like me and my oldest is so much like my wife, it is unreal. When Jason gets into a new environment, he is very guarded and observant. He won’t say a lot and in no way does he have a problem with showing that he is uncomfortable. When he is introduced to a new environment and new people he acts like he doesn’t belong there and his preference is to stick close to daddy.


In this situation most people never get the opportunity to see his real personality or character because he rather serve his purpose and get back home where he feels safe. In the mean time, safety for him is sticking close to his parents. He understands at a young age that if he lets his guard down then someone will get in his space and try to get him to do things that he really don’t want to do. In our walk with Christ it should really be the same.


We are called to a higher standard as children of God and while we are here in the world we should live up to that call as best we can. Peter says “dear friends” meaning those who share in the mission of sharing the gospel, God’s chosen people. Foreigners and exiles are strangers who are considered as resident aliens with no legal status or temporary residents. We were not called to get comfortable in the world causing us to let our guard down, we were called to glorify God in all that we do and be shining examples of how to live a Godly life.


Just like my son, we have to resist our desire to adapt to the world or to our environment if it is going to cause us to become disconnected to God. Paul said, “He became all things to all men so that he could win one.” Paul went off to Arabia for three years to prepare himself to be able to conform with the sole purpose of glorifying God. You know if you are ready to stand for Christ and not be influenced to get off track. In the example with my son, he realizes that he is not ready to conform so instead he chooses to stay close to his father. We have to do the same thing. In order to keep ourselves from falling victim to the ways of the world we have to identify with who we really are and stay as close to God as possible. The main reason is because staying close to our Father means protection.


Becoming more like the world will cause a negative reaction that we are not prepared to deal with. Submitting to our sinful nature will cause life to wage a war on us and the more disconnected to God we are the more likely we are to lose the fight and become a victim.


Embrace the fact that we are strangers in a foreign land called to live by a higher standard. We are free in Christ and living that way will automatically free others to do the same. If we just walk in the shadow of our Father our light will shine so bright that those in our presence will have the opportunity to escape darkness and embrace their true identity; children of God (strangers in a foreign land).


God Bless,


Jesse Watson Jr.


Morning Coffee 8/15/12

If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” Romans 14:8
This text this morning is associated with identity. We all live and have to awesome opportunity to experience life daily. We not always recognize or give praise to God who has made it possible however that doesn’t change whose we are. The Bible says that we are God’s workmanship, his masterpiece. So that means that He uniquely designed and created each and every one of us to His specifications. No one will ever be able to change that. It should be an honor to live for God and to die for Him as well.
You are a child of the most high God and heir to His throne. It is time that we start walking and living in our rightful place. It has always been so amazing to me how we have one God who is so proud to claim us as His and yet so many people are afraid to represent Him in their daily walk. He knew before hand that we would deny Him, embarrass Him, turn our back on Him, and for some even throw Him under the bus. The great thing about God is that knowing all of this beforehand never stopped Him from wanting to be our God. Even though many of us are guilty, God said that we are still His no matter what.
I had the awesome opportunity to speak to some elementary children about making wise choices. God blessed me with a demonstration to help them understand why they shouldn’t hang out with the wrong people. I had two white towels and I put water on one towel and rubbed it around on the ground in dirt. The other towel I left clean. I asked them what do they think would happen if I rubbed the clean towel against the dirty towel and of course they told me it would get dirty. So I asked them did they want me to rub the towels together and they said no. Then the Lord gave me to share with them that is what happen when we don’t watch the company that we keep. Those people we choose to hang out with that are no good eventually rub off on us and we become just as dirty as they are. The Bible says that bad company corrupts good character.
I said all of this just to say that it doesn’t matter how dirty we get God still loves us and He still claims us as His own. He is more than willing to clean us up and wash us white as snow. If we recognize who we are in Christ and whose we are then we can avoid getting some of that dirt on us. No matter what the situation is God loves us so much that in His word it says that we belong to Him. Living and dying is inevitable and we will all go through it however today we clearly understand that we represent God in all that we do, our beginning, our end and that dash in between.
God Bless,
Jesse Watson Jr.
Morning Coffee 8/10/12
“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1
In the wake of a shaken economy that has hit everyone hard in one way or another. In the backdrop of the tragedies in Colorado and Wisconsin, where there so many senseless deaths, where do we turn for comfort?  There is still a war going on in Afghanistan where we recently lost 7 more Americans. Many would think that this is a sign of the times.
When you find yourself weighed down by the troubles of the world or just overwhelmed with what your personal battle, it is awesome to know that God is still in control even in the midst of what seems like chaos. The word of God encourages us that even when we are facing trouble on every side, we have a place of rest in God. He is our protection and in Him we have a safe place to protect our hearts and our minds from the enemy and his evil plot.
So the next time that you are feeling down and it seems like there is no change coming, be encouraged. Just know that all you have to do is look up and trust God. Be confident in the fact the God has all power and is in control of every situation. He is our protection especially when we are facing troubled times and it is His power that will bring us out. Always rely on the Lord because the word says so. It doesn’t say that he may be, could be, will be our strength and refuge; it says that he is and that is absolute. Go into your weekend knowing that you can always count on the Lord for strength and protection in every situation.
God Bless,
Jesse Watson Jr.


Morning Coffee 8/1/12

“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. Away from me, you evildoers, that I may keep the commands of my God! ” Psalm 119:114-115

When I think about the story of the three little pigs it reminds me of true protection. If you don’t have the proper protection then you allow your enemy the opportunity to invade your territory and cause havoc. Just as in the story if your home is not built on a solid foundation and the structure and material is not built to last, then you can expect trouble. It doesn’t mean that if you have a strong foundation the enemy won’t attack you because he is always foolish enough to believe that he can, but he won’t be able to penetrate enough through your protection to take you out. He may deal you a heavy blow but when the dust settles you will still be standing.
In this text the psalmist is declaring that in God he finds his protection and we get a description of what the protection looks like. With confidence the psalmist says that God is his refuge, which translates to safe haven or place of safety. He also says that God is his shield, which translates to protection, safeguard, or defense. He ties the word of God to the strength that he needs to endure because he trust God with everything. As a result of ultimate trust in God and absolute confidence in God’s protection, the psalmist is empowered in his stand against the attack of the enemy. He boldly tells the enemy to get away from him because his priority is God’s command, God’s will for his life. To his God he ran for shelter from vain thoughts; there he hid himself away from their tormenting intrusions, and in solemn silence of the soul he found God to be his hiding place. When called into the world, if he could not be alone with God as his hiding place, he could have the Lord with him as his shield, and by this means he could ward off the attacks of wicked suggestions. This is averse that can apply to all of our lives, and it testifies to that which the psalmist knew of his own personal knowledge: he could not fight with his own thoughts, or escape from them, till he flew to his God, and then he found deliverance.
In life and relationships we have to find the safe place in God to protect us and what we have. All relationships, especially marriages should be built on the foundation of the word of God. God should be your refuge and shield which will allow you to stand strong against the enemy as well. We know that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy and that attack starts in our minds and hearts. When you find yourself playing with the enemy and allowing him to pull the wool over your eyes, it clouds your vision and you can’t see or hear God’s command clearly. When this happens, when the enemy tries to block God out of your life, you allow him to take a stab at the foundation of your relationship or marriage and the two of you find yourselves at odds against each other. You have to get to a point of recognizing the tricks of the enemy so that you can say get the behind me satin and that gets you back in plain view of God’s original plan for your lives.
The key here is you. You have to want to live according to God’s plan not only for yourself, for your relationship or marriage. When you make that declaration it doesn’t matter how many times the enemy tries to attack your fortress, he won’t be able to penetrate enough to take you out. When the enemy is under attack, he will only be able to get as far as you allow him to. Just know that at any given moment you have the power to take a stand and tell the enemy that he can’t have your life, he can’t destroy your family, he won’t destroy your marriage. When we are inundated by very spiritual assaults, such as those which arise out of vain thoughts, we shall do well to fly distinctly to the person of our Lord, and to cast ourselves upon his real presence. Sometimes when gloomy thoughts afflict us, the only thing we can do is to hope, and, joyfully, the word of God always sets before us objects of hope and reasons for hope. It is easy to exercise hope where we have experienced help and God is that help.
God Bless,
Jesse Watson Jr.


Morning Coffee 7/25/12

“Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted”. Galatians 6:1-2 (attitude: approach gently and stand ready to restore the relationship)
Betrayal is something that possibly happens every day and it is a reality for many people. How one deal with it depends on a number of factors: are they believers, non-believers, single, or married? I want to focus on the married believers. My wife and I have given counsel to a number of couples and have heard or experienced many different stories some that fall in line with today’s text. The initial feeling is heartbreaking and you may feel like giving up. Once one gets over the initial feeling then you began to weigh in on the details of how you felt betrayed to determine what you will do. Regardless to if you or your spouse have physically been with someone else or mentally and emotionally been with someone else entertaining conversation, you know that you have to make some decisions. It could even be a situation where an innocent life is the result of these actions. You have to understand that as a believer, forgiveness is expected by God. Forgiveness is not an emotion but a choice and God gives us all free will to choose so it is on you. The Bible says in Matthew 6:14, “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you”. So you have to take into account all that you have done and want to be forgiven for. First, you have to be willing to communicate openly about it and not fear the outcome.
Today’s text come from the Apostle Paul and here he is not talking about doctrinal faults, but the much lesser faults by which a person is overtaken through the weakness of his flesh. Paul shares with us it is not so much the person at fault but how they were overtaken or seduced by the enemy and of the flesh. The enemy’s goal is to infiltrate the purity of life and spoil it with his continual temptations to sin. So this text gives us wisdom on how the fallen should be treated. Even though your thought may be that the decision that was made to get in you in this dark place can’t be blamed on the devil, you are right to a certain degree. He creates the opportunity to be tempted and he seduces relentlessly. Everyone can fall however some realize what he is doing before they get in too deep.
When deciding to forgive you can restore the relationship as well. The Holy Spirit is unyielding in the matter of maintaining and defending the doctrine of faith just as many of us are unyielding in maintaining our stand. However, the Holy Spirit is merciful towards those for their sins as long as sinners repent. Metanoia, Greek for repent, means to change one’s mind. In other words they commit to turning from the wrong and never looking back. If the offender, be it you or your spouse, has a heart of repentance, as a child of God the Holy Spirit models for us how we should handle this situation. As hard as it may seem we have to be like the Holy Spirit and be merciful. We all stand in slippery places and if we become overbearing and neglect our duty, it is easy for us to fall into sin as well. David was a strong man and withstood many temptation in which the Lord tested his faith, who are we to think that we are more stable?
This is a message to save the very structure of marriage and family. 85% of divorces come from believers. In 2009, over a 12 month period 2,287,000 men and 2,209,000 women got married. Of those 1,099,000 men and 1,220,000 women were divorced. This is not God’s original plan for the family. Let us abide by the word of God and let it give us direction and strength as we press to keep our families and marriages strong.
God Bless,

Jesse Watson Jr.

Morning Coffee 7/19/12

Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, extend to the skies, and your faithfulness to the clouds. Psalm 36: 5
The thing that people desire the most in their relationships, regardless to if you are just dating or married, is someone who is faithful. Faithfulness is binding, given with strong assurance, loyal or someone who is steadfast in affection or allegiance. The sad part about this is that there are many people who act like they don’t know what being faithful is, so they mess it up for so many others.
Being faithful to someone is more than just words it is more about action. Anyone can claim to be faithful; however it is the action that seals the deal. There is no excuse on not knowing what faithfulness looks like because we have all been exposed to the perfect model in Jesus Christ. People allow circumstances or difficulties to cloud their vision and it becomes their excuse for their lack of faithfulness.
Here God expresses His level of faithfulness. The psalmist enlightens us on the fact that God’s mercy, the things that we get but don’t deserve, and His loving-kindness go as high as the sky. When you think about this we have to take a plane just to get high enough to claim to be in the sky. So His love for us is already beyond measure and we receive far more than we can handle or deserve. We receive this love and mercy unconditionally and it shows us how we ought to love and extend mercy to others.
His faithfulness goes a level higher and extends well beyond our reach. When I think about the clouds, I have visions of looking out of the window of a plane when flying comes to mind. At that point you are considered safe when you are flying. It is at that point your pilot comes on and says that you have reached a certain elevation and you are now free to move around the plan. For many people they need that assurance because it makes them feel safe. Also, as you look out of the window the clouds are endless so it helps you to have a certain sense of peace. This is what God provides for us through Jesus Christ. He is consistently faithful beyond measure. He didn’t make any promises that He couldn’t keep and God’s faithfulness is governed by His promises. He gives us new mercies every day, He loves us unconditionally and always provides for us despite us not reciprocating the same.
This is the place that people want to reach in their relationships. Everyone wants to know for sure that the person they are with is faithful. When you are confident about this fact in your relationship then you reach that place of peace. Jesus Christ is our perfect model. God promised that He would always love us and be there for us even in our sin and He demonstrated that by giving His all for us. We don’t have to make our faithfulness to others so difficult because we see it every day through Christ’s example.
God chose to be faithful to us and there isn’t anything that will stop that from happening. When we get in relationships we have to make the same declaration to one another. Anything that you allow to come in between you and break that bond of trust or destroy your allegiance is a trick of the enemy that you allow to manifest in your relationship. At that point there is no one to blame except you two. The reason why God has such a solid track record is because He understands the enemies strategy is to kill, steal, and destroy so there is no way that He will allow the enemy to have that power. We have to make sure that we do the same. If you are dating to be married or already married know the marriage is one of the first institutions of the church. God ordained three basic institutions, the church, government and the family. With the family being first and foundational of human society, we have to do everything in our power to create that strong assurance in our relationships.
God Bless, Jesse Watson Jr.


Morning Coffee 7/13/12

“And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death — even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name” Philippians 2:8-9
In the hustle and bustle of life, everyone finds themselves doing what they have to do to survive. Many though want more than that, they desire more either for themselves or their families. We have all seen people who do everything that they can to put themselves on a pedestal. I have some co-workers who are jumping through hoops right now to be recognized. Their desire is to be brought on-board as direct employees versus contract, but they are going about it the wrong way. These individuals are trying to exalt themselves thinking that is the key to accomplish their goals.
We see here in the text that Jesus Christ being found in the appearance as a man took a different approach. Instead of His focus being on self His focus was on serving others. In order to serve others better than yourself or before yourself, you have to be willing to show humility. Being humble is equivalent to being meek. Meekness is simply defined as power under control. You know that you have what it takes but you are not trying to outshine everyone to prove it. Instead of boasting about yourself and what you can do, you are an action speaks louder than words kind of person. You are that person that understands the value you bring to the table and you use it to complement the team dynamic and make everyone better versus just yourself. As a result you get recognized for your efforts and hard work and someone else exalts you.
This is the example that Jesus Christ has set before us here in this text. He humbled himself and God exalted Him. Jesus sought not a name for Himself and God gave Him the Name above all others. James 4:10 says, “Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.” 1 Peter 5:6 says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time.” In the end all roads lead to humility and submission. Understand that the way up is down. The cross preceded the crown. Christ humbled Himself even unto death before He was exalted by God. The road of exaltation by God is paved by humble service to others for God’s glory. Jesus was willing to throw away His name and reputation and look at how high and glorious it is as a result of His actions.
What are you willing to give up to decrease in order to increase? The key to the exaltation you are seeking is being a humble servant first to God then to your team or those you serve. I want to be exalted and I understand that I have to submit to God’s will for my life and humble myself both to His plan and to those I work with in under to succeed in going higher. Many people think that their manager or supervisor holds the key to their promotion and raise, but that is not true. The Bible says in Proverbs 21:1 that the king’s heart is in the Master’s hand. The Lord is the ruler of princes and He alone is the only one who can govern and direct their counsel. So even for my co-workers, we all have to understand that God has the final say on everything that happens in our lives. He Jesus Christ to be our example and in case we didn’t get it he gave us the Holy Bible as a blueprint. We already have what we need to succeed at anything; He doesn’t need us trying to help His plan by exalting ourselves.
“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:11
Which one are you?
God Bless, Jesse Watson Jr.


Morning Coffee 7/11/12

“35 While Jesus was still speaking, some people came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader. “Your daughter is dead,” they said. “Why bother the teacher anymore?” 36 Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” 37 He did not let anyone follow him except Peter, James and John the brother of James. 38 When they came to the home of the synagogue leader, Jesus saw a commotion, with people crying and wailing loudly. 39 He went in and said to them, “Why all this commotion and wailing? The child is not dead but asleep.” 40 But they laughed at him. After he put them all out, he took the child’s father and mother and the disciples who were with him, and went in where the child was. 41 He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum!” (which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”). 42 Immediately the girl stood up and began to walk around (she was twelve years old). At this they were completely astonished.” Mark 5: 21-43
When the opportunity presents itself, make sure that you read the entire section. There is another point or two that the Lord has given me to share with you on this text. Today I want to deal with one of them. Twelve years ago to the day I was in a really bad place in my life. That was the era that I was dealing with Narcolepsy, unemployment, total disability, and being homeless. I remember asking God several times why me and I feel like His response was why not me. I didn’t understand that at the time.
In this story, Jesus was on His way to heal Jarius’ daughter however he was stopped along the way to deal with another situation. As he began to get back on track to Jairus’ house the message came that the synagogue leader’s daughter had died. Jesus look at Jairus and said to him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”
They proceeded to Jairus’ house and Jesus put everyone out except His disciples and Jairus and his wife and He spoke to the little girl’s lifeless body and told her to get up and she stood up and walked around. Jairus and his wife were astonished because they had given up hope on their daughter as they thought that she was dead.
How many of you have situations in your life where it seems that all hope is gone? You have been fighting for what seems like a dead situation in your life and it seems as if Jesus is not going to come through because you have been waiting for so long. This is where Jairus and his family were. It seemed as if it was taking Jesus too long to get to Jairus’ daughter and as a result she was dead, so it seemed too late. With the fact that Jairus chose to go with Jesus to his house anyway showed that he had a little hope; he believed just enough for something to happen. As a result of his trust in Christ, his daughter was given her life back.
When I was going through that period in my life twelve years ago, I thought that there was no hope left. I had reached the lowest point of my life and there was no coming back from it. I felt like I had been struggling all of my life and at that point things were even worse. I found a small glimmer of hope and began the journey that led me to today. I am healed, own a home, a business owner, author, have a beautiful family, and I am working a great job as well. This young girl was twelve when Jesus Christ revived her life and changed that family’s situation. I am not saying that it will take God twelve years to revive your situation that appear to be dead, but in His time if you just believe know that He will give you and your situation new life.
Sometimes it seems as if we have to give up all of ourselves to reach all of the milestones we have set for ourselves in life. Our reality is that we have to give up so much of ourselves to reach the successes we desire. Jesus Christ had to give up His life so that we can have the opportunity to live life to the fullest.
So in essence, what do we have to lose in trusting Jesus Christ for what appears to be dead? What do we have to lose for those situations that seem insurmountable to overcome? Trade a life for a life. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

God Bless, Jesse Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 7/9/12

“And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” Romans 13:11
There is truly a misconception that is lingering, where many believe that they have time to get themselves together before they choose to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The truth of the matter is that is not true. The text today makes that very clear. The 10 versus prior to this one states that love never hurt anyone. It meets all the requirements and it is the full measure of what we need to stay true to God.
Now knowing that today’s text is saying to us that now is a critical time in all of our lives and if you didn’t know now you do. It is high time to wake up to the reality that our final salvation or deliverance is nearer to us now than when we first trusted in and relied on Christ. With every passing day we draw closer to the end. This was a critical message that Paul shared in his letter and it is very timely for all of us today as well.
Look at the condition of the world and be honest with yourself. Do you believe that it is going to get better? The truth is that it probably won’t, so that places all of us in a position to make some serious decisions. In the past 7 days I have seen 19 high school boys and 6 high school girls give their lives to Christ and get baptized because they are tired of trying to do life by themselves. They realize that there is no way that they can do it alone. One of the young men came to our mission camp high and he said that he got high every day. We took him out of his normal environment for 4 days and 3 nights and he totally gave his life to Christ. You could see his transformation and the power of God working through him. So in 3 days out of the 4 God’s power moved in such a way that we say these young men break down and cry and embrace each other vowing to take this journey in Christ together. This was the same for the young ladies.
One young lady was adopted by her grandmother at 3 even though her mom and dad are still around and in her life. The truth is they don’t care about her and they don’t want her and she knows it. Another young lady was so frustrated with her appearance and the lack of love and support from her family that she chose to be gay for years. After this past week both of these young ladies were set free by choosing to find hope in God. They were empowered and set free from their strong holds because they chose to believe with their whole heart. These young people recognized that the time for change is now and there is no time to waste.
If you know someone who is struggling with life in any way and they don’t have a true relationship with Jesus Christ, then be their source of light to lead them to the truth. If you or someone you know have been wavering in your faith or you have allowed life’s circumstances to get you off track to what God has in store for you, and then know that this is a critical time for us all.
Ask yourself this question, what are you doing with your life? What are you doing for God in gratitude and love for what He has done for you?
Tony Evans said this, “Everyday you delay is another day of lost opportunity.” What if you don’t get to Choose Christ tomorrow? Today seems a lot more important to you, don’t it?
I would rather choose to be sold out for Christ and find out that He is not real, rather than not choose Him and find out that He is real. God Bless,

Jesse Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 7/1/12

“I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born. I appointed you a prophet to the nations. “Jeremiah 1:5

This summer my family and I are doing mission camps and the theme for the camps is “Got Truth.” Pretty much everything that we are exposed to on a daily basis is countercultural. By definition this means: A culture, especially of young people, with values or lifestyles in opposition to those of the established culture.

The issue is that there is a major concern with people being able to identify who they are, which translates to the fact that there is a growing problem called Identity Crisis. So many people are working hard on trying to be something they’re not. They spend too much time trying to impress people with what they know, who they know, and what they have; all the while they are hurting on the inside because this is not who they really are.

Jeremiah was a prophet called by God even though he didn’t want to be. As a matter of fact Moses pointed out that he had a speech problem, Isaiah interjected that he was a man of unclean lips, Jonah ran the opposite direction when God told him to go and preach in Nineveh. All of these are excuses for not being who they were called to be. How many of us have an excuse for not being who God called us to be? The truth is many people feel that living for God will cause them to miss out on certain things that life has to offer and that is not true.

Identity is defined as the sense of self where sameness and continuity in a person is seen over time. Its origin is Latin and it means “repeatedly, again and again”. So in essence who you are should never change. The crisis comes in when people have this period of distress that occurs when a person seeks a clearer sense of self and an acceptable role in society. The major issue here is that we are susceptible to an identity crisis when we’re not a Christian. This is one of 5 causes for identity crisis.

The absolute truth here is that we were chosen by God long before He formed us in the womb. In essence He knew our strengths, weaknesses, and limitations long before we had life. We have always been a part of God’s big picture. The awesome part is He set us aside to be used for a Holy purpose before we were born. In addition to that He gave us a purpose and that is to be a prophet to the nations. In other words we should be a reflection of Jesus Christ in everything that we do and say, and it should be natural for us to expose others to being saved by grace, by faith in Jesus Christ. We are to resemble our God in all that we do. Whatever your God is that is where you will find your identity.

Lecrea says that identity is found in the God we trust, any other identity will self destruct. I am not sure who many people think they are, but know that you are a child of God powerful beyond measure. The time spent being consumed with what society has to offer to identify who you are is a waste of time because God has provided us all with answers to the test. You didn’t have to get the answers from someone else and then miss a few questions on purpose so it wouldn’t seem like you cheated. God gave us all the answer key, it is up to us to use it. Know who you are in Christ and walk in it.

Awesome word by our guest speaker last night Malcolm Marshall

God Bless,

Jesse Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 6/27/12
“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

I wanted to revisit this thought because it is becoming a worldwide epidemic. There are so many people who have been or will be placed in a position to succeed beyond their wildest dreams, however fear will paralyze them. Our deepest fear has the ability to suck all of the power out of us and cause us to settle for mediocrity as if it is the norm. God has called us to a greater place and He has given us a great power to withstand the tricks of the enemy and be over comers. We are all positioned to exceed our expectations and become more successful than we have ever imagined, however our innate ability to give the enemy our power, stunts our growth. We allow him to convince us that we are not worthy of overcoming hardship, trials, and rough spots in our lives and he takes full advantage of it.

If we can just learn to get past ourselves and become more disciplined in this thought that we have power beyond measure supplied by a source that will never die away, then we can walk in our destiny as God intended. The author of the book A Return To Love, Marianne Williamson said it best:
Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,

Gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking

So that others people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.

It is not just in some; it is in everyone.

And, as we let our light shine, we consciously give Other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

We are all called to greatness and to walk in the light and the power of God. By standing on His word we not only elevate ourselves beyond our self-inflicted limitation, we also empower others to do the same. Claim it and walk in it.

God Bless,
Jesse R. Watson Jr.

Morning Coffee 5/3/12
“Therefore this is what the LORD says: ‘I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.” Jeremiah 11:11

Often times when my boys are playing together, I always hear one of them cry out “Daddy!” Most of the time it is because they want something and every now and then it is because one is agitating the other and they want me to come and handle it. Without knowing where I am or what I am doing they confidently cry out my name and I believe that it is because they are sure that I am going to answer. They don’t have to see me to know that I am present and again when they call their expectation is that I will always answer. As a matter of fact, if I don’t answer the first time they will keep calling my name until I do answer.

In this text the Lord sent a hard message to the people of Judah through Jeremiah. He told them that that they would be cursed if they didn’t abide by the terms of the covenant that He set with their forefathers. God told them that if they didn’t obey what HE has already laid out then there would be consequences. The unfortunate thing for them is the people of Judah tested God’s theory by returning to the same sin of their forefathers. As a result of their actions God brought them all of the curses of the covenant. This is where today’s text picks up and God is saying that when they cry out for Him, He will not listen because they have chosen to follow other gods to serve them.

I can’t imagine crying out to God and he doesn’t answer in some way. The unfortunate part is that many people take the covenant that we have with God lightly and when it is convenient for them, they cry out to God expecting Him to always be there to answer the call. The truth is that we can sometimes sabotage our own prayers. The Bible gives light to several passages of scripture that mention attitudes and actions that can hinder our prayers. If we sin according to Jeremiah 14:10-12 the Lord says not to even pray for the well-being of His people because He will not listen. You can also see Psalms 66:18 and Isaiah 59:2. If we are disobedient Psalms 28:9 says that if we turn from the law, our prayers are detestable. Other factors that can hinder God answering our prayers are hypocrisy, impure motives (Mal 1:7-9), lack of faith and even marital problems (1 Peter 3:7).

Even though what sometimes seems to be no answer to your prayers is simply a delayed answer, we want to make sure that we are in line with God. We can’t assume that just because we are God’s children, we can act any kind of way and still expect God to answer every time we call. My boys are confident that when they call I will answer, however when I do the truth comes out and my response may not always be what they expect. When you call on God, He already knows your request. The question is have you done anything that will cause Him to delay in answering your prayers? Think about it and get back in line with God’s will.

God Bless,
Jesse R. Watson Jr

Morning Coffee 5/2/12
“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

The trust factor goes a long way with people. In every relationship that you will ever have the ability to trust the person and them trusting you, will make or break your relationship. Think about it, when you are dating someone and you find yourself doubting what they say to you, at that point you begin to shutdown and the brick wall goes up. Even with parents and their children, when trust goes out of the door so does the child’s freedom and they find themselves on a very strict schedule.

Faith and trust are synonymous and it is the conviction of the truth of anything. This text is in the shadow of a scripture that we have all heard before which is Hebrews 11:1. This entire text covers many situations that display the power that having faith holds. Lives were saved, many were blessed, doors were opened, truth was revealed, miracles took place and the list could go on. The writer even admits that he didn’t have time to express every instance where faith was activated and lives were changed.

Simply put the text is saying that without having trust, belief, confidence, and faith in God it is impossible to please Him. This is true in our lives as well. For a child it is impossible to please his mother or father unless they have confidence in each other. It is also impossible to please your wife, husband, or significant other unless you have confidence in each other. If there is any hint of doubt or distrust, there will be conflict and misery. It is so interesting that we hold everyone in our circle to such a high standard when it comes to trust. We expect a high level of trust and nothing less. The truth is if someone violates that trust then we are more than willing to let them know or let them go.

The same applies with God. He cannot be pleased with man who has no confidence in Him, who doubts the truth and promise for which He stands for. If we don’t believe that His way is right, there is no way to please God. The same that we require of our children, friends, spouses, and significant others are the same that God requires of us. How can we not live up to His standard, but expect others to live up to ours? Just know as well that there is no amount of work that we can do to compensate for a lack of faith.

The awesome part about God is that if we don’t have faith in Him, he still doesn’t push us aside. He allows situations to happen in our lives to help us develop that faith in Him. Just as the text states if we are going to go to God we must believe that He exist as the true and living God and that He will prove Himself to be a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him. To earnestly seek God means to do it with a sense of urgency. God earnestly seeks us daily, let us stop running and start chasing God. In order for us to become God chasers we must believe that He exists. He wants that intimate relationship with us and there is no reason for Him not to be pleased with us.

God Bless,

Jesse Watson Jr.

Morning Coffee 1/3/12
“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;” Titus 2:11-12

About a month ago I saw a gentleman throwing something over the side of the freeway and it appeared very suspicious to me. I was on my way to a high school football game and I didn’t want to be late so I decided to just call the police. I have a friend who works for the Sugar Land Police Department, but instead of calling him first I called the Fort Bend County Constables. They directed me to the local police and I told them what I saw and asked them to check it out. I was concerned because I didn’t know if it were just trash or a body because I caught him at the end of the act but I did see something black.

On Christmas Eve, I saw my friend at church and explained to him that I started to call him about this situation. He told me that he received a call about that situation and I told him “yeah that was me who called.” Well come to find out, the guy was being investigated for child pornography and he had dumped his computer over the freeway. The next part of the story really got to me, my friend said that after the guy dumped the computer he drove down to where the computer landed and shot himself.

I didn’t know this guy personally so I can’t say that his conscious got to him so bad he felt like he had to do something drastic kind of like Judas. However, what I can saw is that there was nothing Godly about what he was doing and that lifestyle led to his demise.

The text says that the grace of God brings salvation to all men. So God’s grace has come forward for the deliverance from sin and empowerment for eternal salvation for all mankind. I once read that grace in the heart prevents us from abusing grace in the head- it delivers us from taking grace for granted or pimping grace. Grace does not do away with ungodliness and worldly lust, but it causes us to deny them. That power given to us through grace by God allows us to live Godly lives in right standing with God. It allows us to live consciously for God and not under the influence of the world.

It was the love of God in me that had me so concerned about the incident to call the police. I didn’t know if someone was hurt or not. If the police were able to get to the scene sooner and if the man was willing a life could have been saved that day too, but he had decided his own fate already. Living under the influence of the world will cause you to behave in an ungodly manner. There are many people who profess to be saved but they give no evidence of it in their lives. We should live everyday consciously knowing that one day we will have to go before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for every action and every word. The book of Titus is gives ethical instructions on how to unfold the grace of God as the motivating power for Christian living. “For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace” Romans 6:14.
Allow God’s grace to consume you and it will empower you to deny sin.

God Bless,
Jesse Watson Jr.

Morning Coffee 10/27/11
“For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.” Romans 12:3

It has been almost nine years now since I have confessed my calling to preach. God has done some really amazing things in my life, especially in the last nine years. I am currently enrolled in school working on master’s degree. My last class was titled “Sports Ministry” and in my mind I knew that it was going to be a piece of cake. I have been doing sports ministry with a local high school for the last six years as well as a summer camp we have been working with, so I felt so confident going into this class it almost seem like I was cocky or overconfident.

Well my first test set me back a little because I really didn’t prepare like I should have. I soon figured out that for every test, part of the requirement was reading nine chapters of information first. So this class quickly became a challenge for me. Persevering through the challenge, the Lord helped me to sustain a B average through the end of the class. I had an issue with that because until that class I had a 4.0 and had it set in my mind that was going to be my final grade point average upon graduation.

Well long story short, I had a sixteen page final paper that I had to turn in and the night that it was due we had bad weather causing the blackouts for a few hours. In between one of the blackouts I was able to get on line and turn in my paper. My professor graded the paper and I discovered a low grade. Upon further research the system didn’t upload my entire paper, 4 pages were missing. I spoke with the instructor about it and my discovery was after the grades were submitted. Needless to say, the class that I expected to get an A for sure, ended up being a C+. I am extremely hurt.

God is very clear that we should be real with ourselves when making judgments about whom we are. Take David and Goliath for example, Goliath was overconfident because he was 10 ½ feet tall and his armor weighed 125 lbs among other things. We all know that he was defeated by the young shepherd boy David who had a sling shot and 5 rocks. As a result of his past, Goliath felt confident that no one could defeat him and he was wrong.

Here Paul is saying to us that we need to really humble ourselves and don’t get beside ourselves. When he uses the phrase sober judgment, it makes me think of what people must feel like the morning after an all night drinking spree. I have witnessed many people being brutally honest with themselves after a night of drinking and waking up to a serious migraine and being really hung over. Whenever you go into anything overconfident and you fail, it has the potential to kill your passion and desire to succeed. Before you go into anything being overconfident think about this: Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure that you can survive the odds beating you.

This C+ is going to stick out like a soar thumb on my transcript but it will be a constant reminder not to get too beside myself. I have to stay humble in my approach with anything especially school. The grade has also re-ignited my hunger and passion to succeed, so I will not lose focus of my goal. So just like Jacob this grad will be the thorn in my side as a constant reminder to stay humble and hungry to succeed and not get lax and overconfident which would produce complacency.

If you have had a set back in your life, you may want to consult with God and see if it is your thorn in your side. Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. When we are facing any challenge in our lives we have to have the mindset of David and not Goliath. If you have had a set back, just know that it could be God’s way of getting your attention to help you get back on track, stay focused, and stay the course.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

Morning Coffee 12/1/10‏

Posted on December 1, 2010 by RobertM

Vesre of the Day

So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.
Acts 24:16

I am not sure about you but it is difficult for me to function daily if I don’t have a clear conscience. I believe that if you don’t free your mind then you are just carrying around a lot of extra baggage that you don’t need and all it does is weigh you down.

Your conscience is connected to your high moral character and really the God in you. It tells you what He expects of you and it helps to keep you in line with His will. It is the eye that looks out either towards God or towards what it regrads as the highest, so your conscience records differently in different people. If I am in tune with God then my conscience will always introduce God’s perfect will and indicate what I should do. The question here is will I obey and will you obey in the same situation.

We all have to make a great effort to keep our conscience so sensitive that we walk without offense. We should all awlays be so in tune with God that we are always seeking to fulfill that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God by the renewing of our minds daily. In other words we have to get in the habit of always having a good conscience. God pours into us daily so we have more than enough to stay in line with His will. It all comes down to us choosing to obey when He puts that choice before us.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/30/10‏

Posted on December 1, 2010 by RobertM

Thank God for you all. As a result of your continued support and my commitment to the Lord, today is the last entry for the book. Praise God I am finished. I will keep you posted on the progress up to the release of the book. Keep praying and God Bless you.

Verse of the Day

We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. Romans 6:4

We often hear that we must close one chapter before we can move on to another one. It is always good to have some closure to whatever you are moving from because it allows you to clearly move on without anything holding you back. It is also our experience that sometimes specifically in relationships we don’t always close chapters before we try to move on to a new one. From personal experience life as we know it becomes so much more difficult when we do this. It is more difficult focus on what’s new in your life because you are still dealing with the past and it is truly hard to fully commit when part of you is still in the past. The best example I can give to something being final is a funeral. Once the casket closes, the body is committed, it is lowered and the dirt is dropped, that chapter is closed.

Here Paul is helping us understand salvation, baptism and painting a picture of what dying to sin really looks like. When we go through baptism it is symbolic of what should have already happen in your heart. Just as Jesus Christ was buried and raised to new life we also have to participate in that burial. We are not buried in a physical sense but in our heart and mind we have to die to sin so that we can be raised to walk in new life with Jesus Christ. So we have to bury our sins and the past the caused us to sin in order to fully commit to a new life lived through and by the power of the Holy Spirit. So the water baptism is considered a watery grave.

It is going to be very difficult to walk in the newness of Jesus Christ if we are still holding on to the past. If you bless the past it will set you free, free to live as God has intended you to live. There comes a time in everyone’s life that a decision to move on from the past has to happen so that you can fully give yourself away to God’s purpose in your life. For me it took a few life threatening situations to get my attention and ultimately make a decision that enough was enough. I didn’t realize that I needed to have a funeral for my past and my sins in order to bring some closure to that part of my life. If I had been in tune with God I would have made it a big ceremony but instead it was a quiet intimate closed casket ceremony because I didn’t want to see or deal with the past anymore and didn’t want anyone else exposed to it either.

The spark for me to have this closure was realizing the will of God for my life. When I realized His will and accepted it, I entered my period of sanctification naturally and without any set backs. Are you willing to make the arrangements for your sins? Have you arrived at that moment in your life where you realize that if you keep doing what you are doing expecting a different result you are going to go insane? Have you thought about the fact that God can’t bless you with this new thing for your life until you open your hands let the past go? God can’t put something new in your hands if they are full of your past because you are still holding on. Make today your day of Declaration, trade in your old life for the one that God really has in store for you and never look back. Like Kirk Franklin you have to declare today that “This Is It!!”

The choice is yours and time is not on your side. It is time to do the committal for your past, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/29/10‏

Posted on December 1, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the Day

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. Luke 10:19

As a little boy growing up in the projects I saw a lot of things. Being exposed to that type of environment causes you to grow up fast and it also puts you in a position to get tough so that you can protect yourself. I was always the smallest guy so all of my friends would always want to wrestle or pick on me. For us it was like a neighborhood code where the older boys would rough of the younger ones to make them tough in case somebody out side of our neighborhood would bother us. So at a young age I felt empowered to deal with any body that was against me.

As you can imagine living in the projects wasn’t always the cleanest place to live because there were so many people living so close to you. No matter how much you clean your house some critter from someone else’s house would always find its way to you. For me being young I always saw those critters as a threat to our environment so I would always get pleasure in stomping on the enemy. I remember running into a snake one day though in country and the situation was a little different. It was in the chicken shed and my grandfather grabbed a garden tool and killed the snake. From that day forward I felt like if I ran into the situation again I now knew what to do to protect myself.

In this text God is given us authority over our enemy, in other words He is saying that he has empowered us to be victorious over our enemy. The author uses the snake and scorpion in his example because these two creatures are a true threat to anybody given the circumstances. One bite from the snake or getting stung by the scorpion has a high probability to end your life. So the author says that God has given us authority to trample or tread on the snake and scorpion which means God will preserve us from that danger. Kind of like Daniel in the Lions den, those lions were a very present threat to Daniel but God preserved him and protected him in that situation.

So here God is saying the those malicious people we run into who are a threat to our lives He will protect us from them and not only that He will always give us power to over come satan. God will empower us to be victorious over all of the enemy’s power and schemes showing that He has divine power and affirming for us that we don’t have to fear our enemy. Just like when I was younger growing up in the projects was no longer a fearful thing because I felt empowered and seeing my grandfather conquer the snake I no longer had doubt if I could do it or not. I realize now that the only people who feared the projects were those who never lived there. Just like the older guys in the hood protected me and empowered me God has done the same for all of us but on a much larger scale.

No one can make a promise that nothing will harm you but God and He can back it up. Here is another reason why we should trust God in all we do because His guarantee is one that you can be sure of.
God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/24/10

Posted on November 26, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the Day

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

A few years ago I had the awesome opportunity to assist in teaching in children’s church. We had a very creative approach to ministry and getting the children to learn scripture. We would always try our best to get the children to sing the scriptures because we learned that they would have a better chance at learning it. This particular text the children were so successful at learning not because it was short but because of the way they learned it with hand claps and singing. I can still see their happy faces singing loud and proud because they knew the scripture and they knew how to apply the meaning of it in their lives.

The Apostle Paul introduced this text to us to paint a very clear picture for us all. First Paul shared with us in Philippians 4:11 that he was content in all circumstances. He was saying that he was satisfied with where he was in life and what he had. You may have heard people say that if God never blesses them with anything else they will be satisfied and this is what Paul was saying. So when we get to today’s text it makes sense for Paul, who is content in everything, to say give thanks in all circumstances.

Simply stated no matter where you are in life or what you have or want we should be thankful that we are here. If you stop and take a look at your life you will find that there is always going to be something that you still want to accomplish or some thing that you want either for you are your family. You may find that you are not where you want to be in your career or in life in general or you may even be at the lowest point of your life ever. Either way the truth is that God wants us all to be thankful in for the little things.

Our life could be so different right now no matter where you are and our circumstances could be so different. There are people in the world who are in far worse situations than we could ever imagine yet they are thankful just for the fact of having life. I haven’t accomplished all that I want to however I am so thankful that I am still able to provide for my family. I am thankful that even though my wife may not have everything that I want her to have, everything that we do have including our children we have together. I am so thankful that we have family and friends who care so much for us and pray for us consistently. I am so thankful that we serve a risen savior who sacrificed everything so that we could live abundantly by His grace and mercy.

I recently left the hospital visiting with a mother of an amazing High school Junior. She has been in and out of the hospital at least the last three years and now they have figured out what is going on. She shared with me heartbreak and disappointment that they are dealing with right now and how there is nothing that she can do it about it because she is sick. Not once did she complain neither is her son complaining about their circumstance. They are so thankful just to have life and each other that their circumstances have to take a number to get recognized. As I prayed with her I could feel that she was so grateful that she had God in her life, she still had her family and that I was there to visit her. Your current circumstances are only a comma in your life, it is not meant to be the end. God has the final say in everything so we just have to operate in His will and He will and the period in our lives as He see fit.

Be grateful for where you are and what you have and give thanks no matter what, your situation could be worse. If nothing else be thankful that you have the one and only true God in your life, I can’t imagine life without Him.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/23/10

Posted on November 26, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the day

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”- Psalm 100:4-5

Growing up I learned quickly how to approach people and as I got older and starting doing marketing I learned that people have so many different personality traits. How you handle people determines if they will be open to listen to you and what you say will determine if they buy in. The picture here is that we have to be careful how we handle people.

We are currently teaching our boys to be respectful and speak to everyone when they enter a room mostly because that is what we were taught. Even if we didn’t know everyone we were taught to look at people in their eyes, smile and speak. If nothing else it could brighten up their day show them respect. In business when you walk into a room it is some what the same approach except you greet people with a firm handshake as you look them into their eyes trying to remember their name as a sign of respect.

We were taught these things and much more because a first impression is a lasting one and we were to show respect and honor to those whose presence you were entering. These are all learned behaviors that over time become second nature. Every now and then I find myself having to remind a young person when I see them for the first time that they didn’t wake up with me so they better speak.

I don’t know if you have ever paid attention to it but how you enter plays a major role on how people receive you and their perception of you. The thing that is so interesting is that most people are so well versed with coming into others presences but make it such a difficult task to enter the presence of God. Being in church and being behind the scenes you get a totally different view of how people come into His presence. I have seen people come in like they just left the club all the way to the tailor-made suits yet when we go to work we follow the dress code to the letter. The Bible doesn’t say come as you are specifically however God did say to dress in modest apparel and that was specifically for women.

God is really looking at our heart when we enter His presence not our clothes because if He can get to our heart everything else will change anyway. He tells us here to enter into His presence with thanksgiving in our hearts and praise flowing out of our mouths. When I enter into true praise and worship I really don’t want to leave because there I am so free. Galatians 1:10 says that we should not seek to please man but God and if our goal is to please man then we should not consider ourselves servants of Christ.

Let us spend more time focusing on how we enter God’s presence and how to seek His approval just because He is God. When we show this kind of respect for people some of the time it is because we want something from them be it a raise, a connection to somebody or for something or it is out of fear of losing something. This is not saying that there aren’t genuinely nice people it is just not seen most of the time or they are overshadowed by the people stepping over them to get what they want. The only one truly worthy of our praise, honor, respect, humility and appreciation is God. We are His people so just like when you go to a family reunion or your grandparent’s house we should always be excited to be in the presence of God. He is the only one who is truly faithful to us and will love us always. Sometimes we are so concerned about making an impression on people instead focus all of that energy on pleasing God the one who will be faithful to you and many generations down the line.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/22/10

Posted on November 26, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the day
“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”- Colossians 3:15

All Christians are called to a certain lifestyle and to live in peace is a major part of it. Here it starts by saying let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts and as we know that out of the heart flows the issues of life. Here peace means not having division to join or bind together again that which has been separated. The peace of God gives us that sense of wholeness and we should allow it to be the decider of all things within our hearts.

The Bible is very clear that if we allow the peace of God to rule in our hearts we won’t have to worry about anything. It is also very clear that there is a level of God’s peace through Jesus Christ that we won’t understand. It gives you the ability to stay calm and composed even in the midst of a storm in your life when you normally would lose it. God’s peace ruling in our hearts here in the text is important because it is reminding us that we are a part of the body of Christ and we have been called to live in peace. If we allow His peace to rule in our lives then we will appreciate each other more and it will allow us all to live in harmony with each other.

Allowing His peace to rule would hopefully stop us from having a short fuse with others and we would be more understanding. Some people these days are so quick to lose their temper and just let others have it but if peace was in control you would be more open to trying to understand what is happening. When doing spoken word I have a piece titled “Rest in Peace” and it is a collage of scripture pulled together in a unique way expressing the peace that I have in Christ. Most people think about death when they hear rest in peace but I am talking about life in Christ and in His peace. It starts off like this:

“I rest in peace because the real peace is in me.
Before I had peace, my peace was in a piece,
This had me frustrated and uptight, sometimes staying up all night.
Though there was no danger in site, Man! I have to get my life right.
I tried with all my might to get the madness to cease
Accepted Christ now I have real peace”

We have to make sure that no matter what we diligently seek God’s peace and allow it to rule in our hearts. Even though sometimes we can’t comprehend it we can still depend on it to bring us through the ups and the downs. Most importantly we have been called to live in peace so let us except what is for us and be thankful.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr

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Morning Coffee 11/19/10

Posted on November 26, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the day

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.”- Acts 20:24

This scripture is the introduction of one of my favorite Lecrea tracks off of his “Real Talk” Cd. The track is called, “Sold Out” and it is about truly understanding who you are and why you are here. There are a lot of times we get so caught up in stuff and trying to get stuff as if it really defines who we are. There is nothing wrong with having nice things, house, car, clothes or what ever; the problem is when you allow it to define who you are. When you get so wrapped up in it you feel almost naked without your stuff.

Here Paul is saying at this point everything about him is nothing compared to the assignment that God gave him. He is saying that he is sold out for Christ no matter what until the end. The interesting thing about Paul is that he had to learn from experience. We all know that Paul, when he was Saul, was a murderer. He had Christians as his target and was relentless in his mission to wipe them out. So there was a time in his life when his agenda was more important, what he wanted was all that mattered. Now his passion and desire is to just finish what Jesus Christ started, to spread the Gospel all over the world and saving souls.

What is it in your life right now today that after you sit down and think about it is stopping you from your assignment. Don’t feel bad because we all get off task at some point and time, it is our response to getting off track that matters once we recognize it. Is it stuff that is stopping you, circumstances, and people, is it something that is self inflicted? Only you know and only you can change it. God gave us all free will to make those kinds of decisions on our own. Take time out of your busy schedule today and spend some time with God, ask Him to help you see what is blocking you from your assignment if anything. What is it that is stopping you from being “Sold Out” for the Lord?

God Bless

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/18/10

Posted on November 26, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the day
“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.”- John 17:17

Jesus was preparing to go Home and be with God and He took a moment here to stop and pray for His disciples. He prayed that they would be kept from evil and made good; made holy. He says that he has given them God’s word and they accepted it. Jesus told the disciples that He was from God and they believed that God sent Him. Jesus was saying to God that everything that He had came from God and He has done everything to protect them now He is giving them back to God.

To sanctify means to set aside for a Holy purpose. So Jesus was saying to God to set them apart from the world for Himself and His service. He had prepared them to be used by God to expose the world to the one and only Truth. So Jesus was saying set them aside by the word of God which is the truth that they should stand on. Jesus made it real clear that they are not of the world any more than He was which means that we who believe and obey His word are like aliens in a foreign land much like what was mentioned in Acts 7:6.

Jesus’ prayer covers us all. We have all been set aside for God and to be used by God in His service. If we are truly believers we have taken the same path as the disciples. We have heard the word, obeyed the word and accepted the word as truth. At some point in out life we surrendered our all to God believing that Jesus Christ was sent by God to save us and we chose to take up our cross and follow Him. Much like the disciples we need Jesus’ prayer so that we can make it in this world that don’t belong to us and we no longer belong to it. The only thing that can truly separate us for God’s purpose is His word and our willingness to be obedient to it.

Jesus was also being an example for us to make sure that we pray for God’s saving grace for our lives. There is no way we can make it in the world without our connection to God and without His word guiding our steps. Again we have all been set aside by God for His holy use. Except your rightful place in the Kingdom of God and fulfill your purpose so that the blood that Jesus shed was not spilled in vain.

God Bless,

Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/17/10

Posted on November 17, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the Day

If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out. Mark 9:43

There are many things in my life that I am sure that I can live without. However for me I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to adjust and live life without a limb. I know people who have adjusted really well and live normal lives without many restrictions at all. I am sure though if they had their way they would prefer to not have to adjust.
Here Jesus is not speaking in a literal sense of cutting off your hand; He is however making a clear point of how serious He is about how we live our lives. As Christians we have so much potential that we must do whatever it takes by God’s standards to ensure it. The thing that causes us all to fall is sin and here Jesus is saying that anything that causes us to sin we need to cut it off or cut it out of our lives. We have to abandon our worldly attachments, friendships and anything else that leads us to a life of sin. Perhaps you always find yourself doing something that you shouldn’t be doing with a particular friend or group. You have to find the strength to avoid them or just separate yourself from them at least until you get stronger spiritually and you can go back and become a positive influence.

Everybody has a weakness and we all know what that is; the hard part for us is choosing to let it go. When Jesus says cut it off he wants us to understand the stakes we are facing. It is far better to attain eternal life without enjoying the pleasures of sin than to enjoy life with no regard to what you are doing and be lost. It gets to a point where we have to be real with ourselves and decide how valuable life really is. Playing with sin is like playing Russian roulette you take a chance of losing your life every time you pull the trigger.

Some may feel like they are in to deep to come out and the Lord says that He is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. All it takes for you to be cleansed is for you to be willing and believe that God will do what He says he will do. In order for any of us to enjoy a little Heaven on earth we have to be willing to avoid sin and remove temptation at all cost. You want to put yourself in a position for when you go before the Judgment seat of Christ; He is willing to stand up for you Himself. No one wants to burn forever I know I don’t. As a matter of fact I don’t like the heat that much to even get close enough to it to get burned.

It may be a difficult process to separate yourself from whomever or whatever can cause you to fall but you have to do it. Eternity is determined by every step you take and every choice you make. The devil is relentless in his pursuit so you have to be relentless in yours.

God Bless,
Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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Morning Coffee 11/16/10

Posted on November 17, 2010 by RobertM

Verse of the Day

When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time. Luke 4:13 (read 1-13)

I have often times found myself asking God over and over could He get the enemy to just leave me alone. Sometimes I get to the point of saying look satan enough is enough I am not falling for that this time. I am sure that we have all had this moment and if not the closer you get to God and the more you do your best to live right by Him you will have this moment.
I have discovered that the enemy is a trickster as well as a deceiver. There is a show that was created by Ashton Kutcher called Punk’d. Punk’d is a hidden camera practical joke television series and being “punk’d” referred to being the victim of a prank like the old school television show Candid Camera. Kutcher would create real life situations for celebrities set up for what appears to be some disastrous ending and after they buy into it he lets them off the hook by letting them know that it was just a joke. For those of us watching the more the celebrities would feed into it the funnier the joke was.

The enemy is a practical joker too and he has his own version of punk’d everyday. He looks for an opportunity to catch us slipping and does his best to get the last laugh on us. The only thing is in his version he is the only one laughing unless we discover his plot and spoil it. The thing with us is that we are all aware of the enemies schemes we just don’t always recognize it at first. The Bible says that we have Christ in order that satan might not outwit us; we are not unaware of his schemes. The further we are from Jesus though the more we become a prime target for the enemy.

In this text we found Jesus being tempted by the enemy. The Bible says that Jesus was in the wilderness and He was fasting for 40 days; so here we find Jesus at what is considered His weakest point. The enemy always attacks us when we are the weakest hoping that we will lose faith and hope in the Lord. The word says that for forty days Jesus was tempted by the devil but here we get three accounts of that temptation. Our focus today is on verse 13 though. It says that after the devil made all of his attempts to trick Jesus into falling he failed but he only left Jesus alone until another opportune time.

Here we have Jesus Christ, the one who has never sinned and will never sin, being tempted. The devil knows more about Jesus Christ than we do so he knows that Jesus is relentless, committed and will never fall yet he is optimistic and willing to continue to try anyway. In 1 Corinthians 1:25 it says, “For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.” So if the enemy attempted to tempt Jesus at His weakest moment which is our strongest moment, what would make any of us think that the devil wouldn’t turn it up all the more with us. The truth of the matter is that the enemy is always trying to create a new episode of punk’d in our lives daily. He is not going to leave us alone instead he is going to take advantage of every opportunity we give him. It is on us to stay as close the Lord and in His word as possible so that we can be prepared for the attack. That is why we have to hide the word in our hearts so that we may not sin against the Lord because we don’t all carry our Bibles with us everywhere. My Bible is like American Express; I really don’t leave home without it.

The Lord provides all the protection we need from the enemy we just have to totally submit to Him and he will handle the rest. God will fight for us and expose the enemy every time for whom he really is. Jesus Christ is the only one who can turn our situation around and make the joke be on the enemy. Don’t get punk’d; get Jesus Christ and hide behind the Cross.

God Bless,
Jesse R. Watson Jr.

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